References and Client Comments

“I am delighted to be able to recommend Tolis Marinos of tmcoaching as a recovery/addiction coach.
In my view Tolis has a rare blend of deep personal insight, compassion and ability to gently but firmly support the development of others. Coupled with his own profoundly humanistic yet highly practical worldview and his commitment to his clients’ well-being and sobriety through the use of evidence-based coaching methodologies, and his long-term commitment to the recovery process ideally place him an outstanding practitioner in the recovery coaching field.”

Dr Anthony M Grant
Coaching Psychology Unit
University of Sydney

I found that the coaching sessions with Tolis at tmcoaching allowed me the space to reflect on what I wished to achieve and then the opportunity to identify how I could achieve my goals.
Tolis's calm and thoughtful approach contributed to helping me formulate an achievable realistic project plan.


I have been a Therapist for ten years and found that Tolis worked with me and helped me immensely in focusing and achieving my goals and even going beyond the remit.
I have worked with some of the best in the Industry and Tolis is definitely up there, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
I knew I was one of his most difficult people to work with, so if Tolis can work and help me, then there is no one he cannot help.


I feel that our sessions at tmcoaching worked for me to a considerable extent, especially if you consider that my damage is quite deep our sessions helped me to see the whole picture of my problem.
Tolis showed me that there is always more than one approach/view in dealing with a problem.
A holistic view is very important to me because I tend to be a closed-minded person applying the same 'mistaken' pattern over and over again each time I deal with a new problem.
Of course, being a good listener as you are, always helps!


Life coaching  with tmcoaching has led me to a place that I never imagined I would find myself, where I came face to face with fear enthusiasm and joy.
It was a turning point and something has now changed permanently the way I live, think and work. In particular my work has taken off to such an extent that I now complain that I have to work too hard!
Ever since everything is possible.