Successful Partnerships

Here at tmcoaching it is a joy to see our clients breaking out of their comfort zone and being successful in achieving what they have defined positive goals.  
We believe that when values, beliefs and actions become aligned then each person's journey can become an enjoyable adventure with extraordinary achievements.  
These are examples of some of our successful coaching partnerships:

Peter is an architect he is married with a young son, Peter’s wife is a successful ceramics artist.
The family has recently relocated home and as a result of this move Peter’s business had started to decline.
Peter decided to contact tmcoaching due to continuously feeling low and devoid of confidence also he was not meeting his financial needs and was unable to see a way forward.

We started working together towards his goals, Peter wanted to change his career direction by moving in to the restoration old buildings and to embark on architectural projects with an emphasis on ecological sustainability, both are fields in which Peter has previous working experience.
We clarified his goals and worked on step by step planning.
Together we looked at building confidence in securing developing a new business direction, focusing on Peter’s attributes and his unique selling points. 
Through Cognitive behavioural Coaching and using the successful OSKAR coaching model we were able to progressively and positively turn Peter’s situation around, building on his confidence and self-esteem.
Peter’s career break came from an unexpected source, this was his ability to fluently speak a second language a skill that he had long overlooked which now proved to be a major factor in opening up a large new market.
Peter now reports that he often has too much work but also that he feels much happier and that his confidence is high.

Jake and Emilia
Jake and Emilia are in their fifties they both wanted to make changes in their lives but could not agree on what or how.
This led to an ongoing conflict between them and eventually a communication breakdown, they have even considered ending their long term relationship.

We started to work together utilising the wheel of life exercise where each person shares their findings with each other, Jake and Emilia were pleasantly surprised to discover that they were both seeking similar improvements and changes in their relationship, their work and their lifestyle.
Immediately we were able to focus on each specific area and with improved communication from both individuals we became able to develop joint plans focusing on working together to achieve the combined goals of Jake and Emilia.
We used the GROW coaching model and they both felt excited and committed to carry out the individual plan as well as to work as a couple. There was a substantial improvement in their communication and as a result their relationship has flourished.

Jake and Emilia are now both as self-employed, working in the UK and a Mediterranean island, they enjoy their lives and their relationship is progressing positively.
Jake is currently writing a book and Emilia has recently premiered one of her productions at an international film festival.

Recently Mary’s employer deployed her to carry out an organisation wide audit in addition to her day today job.
She felt worried and became increasingly stressed, Mary found she now had to work long hours to cope with demands of her daily job role as well as well as the audit, she felt that many areas of her life had become negative and that she was heading for a breakdown.
Mary was concerned that she would fail in her job and also that she would not be able to meet the criteria of the audit and that she would be unable to deliver the requisite outcomes. Mary feared that she would be seen as incompetent and that this would result in the loss of her job.

We started to work with the PRACTICE coaching model to developed a plan of action, this included working closer with her management and becoming able to delegate tasks to other members of staff upwards as well as sideways.
Using Neuro linguistic programming techniques Mary developed a more resourceful state of mind and became able to request the specific resources to enable her achieve her objectives.
Mary was successful in implementing the organisational audit to a high standard.

At our last meeting Mary asked if we could continue our sessions via Skype as her company had assigned her to Brazil to implement another organisational project, Mary also stated that she is very happy at work as she has recently been promoted.

Paul joined the tmcoaching group sessions as he was seeking to implement changes in his career.
He had no previous experience of coaching in a group setting and was anxious of the process.
Paul now believes that his participation in group coaching has been the impetus for a number of important changes in his life including developing his dream career as a journalist and travelling extensively.

This has been a lengthy process for Paul and has been an enlightening experience that involved two learning journeys, one was cognitive learning focusing on psychological theory and the dynamics of Paul’s career, business, family and his organisational behavior, the other journey involved an excursion through an intense, personal psychotherapeutic intervention into Paul’s inner world.

During the time Paul participated in the group coaching program he has been able to develop a deep insight regarding his strengths, weaknesses, personality and his drive.
Paul states that group coaching often provided him with “Aha” moments when he realised how important the input and feedback from other group members was to him, also how the diversity of the other participants was a major factor of the group coaching dynamics.

Paul regularly writes for a national newspaper and several international magazines, during our last conversation Paul stated that he was travelling across South America on a motorbike!