Recovery Coaching

Recovery is a process not an event!
Recovery coaching focuses on recovery from addictions, this maybe in the form of a substance based addiction such as drugs or alcohol as well as behavioural addiction in the form of gambling shopping, excessive spending or sexual addiction.
I have a personal interest in recovery coaching I originally trained in this field specialising in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction
Addictions recovery has been the main focus of my academic research over the past 30 years.

Recovery coaching is a form of strengths-based support for persons in active addiction or in recovery from alcohol, other drugs, co-dependency, or other addictive behaviours.

At tmcoaching we work with individuals in active addictions as well as those that are already in recovery. This might be in the form of a Sober Coach for a number of session or for a length of time. For individuals who may need support returning to their job or a stressful situation we can provide sober companion so you can be safe on 24/7 basis. We work equally well with addiction and alcoholism.
Recovery coaches are specially trained and in recovery for a long time and can help clients develop the tools and methods to reach and maintain abstinence, or to reduce the harm associated with addictive behaviours.

Coaching is often implemented following completion of primary residential treatment or detoxification, at this stage of recovery coaching can be useful in developing strategies and positive approaches to maintain abstinence and to build a support network for a life beyond active addiction.
Recovery Coaching is also frequently implemented by individuals with many years of abstinence, to gain further understanding of their thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviour.

 Benefits of Recovery coaching are:
- Building self-esteem and confidence

- Building enough "sober" time until you are able to navigate via the difficulties of early recovery
- Development of coping strategies
- Maintaining healthy relationships
- Connecting with a local community support network

- Defining clear goals for recovery
- Focusing on health and wellbeing
- Gaining motivation
- Positive time management
- Planning for work or education

Recovery coaching is action oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching goals for the future, unlike most therapy coaches do not address the past, nor do they work to heal trauma.

Recovery coaches are non-clinical and do not diagnose or treat addiction or any mental health issues.